We bring the right people, processes, techniques & technologies together

to take up hiring challenges and solve them effectively



Deeply understanding your recruitment goals

Our recruitment playbook begins with establishing a thorough understanding of the company culture in conjunction with your talent requirements to determine your recruitment goals. This helps us determine the right solution for you.

While it's relatively easy to find the right skill match for a role, we strongly belive in the mantra that attitude trumps attitude, especially when businesses are demonstrating that culture is an effective talent strategy


Developing an ICP based on your goals

Talent or Human Resources is a business function as critical as Sales or Marketing. Just like the sales and marketing teams focus on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), we focus on determining the HR's version of the ICP i.e. Ideal Candidate Persona.

Our ICP approach then helps us hone in on candidates in the same way that a sales and marketing team approaches their ideal customers.


Blending the right mix of recruitment solutions

Just like a surgeon knows exactly what to do after the diagnosis and data has been received, our team brings in the right blend of 3E - Energy, Experience and Expertise, to ensure that we are able to deliver before deadlines.

Our 3E approach has helped us deliver candidates in record time, making us the preferred partner for several business conglomerates


360-degree handholding till Employee Onboarding 

In most of our engagements, we follow a sourcing to onboarding model. As your HR business partners, we assume complete responsibility of ensuring that your desired candidate is onboarded into your organization.

Candidate Experience makes a big difference in the energy and attitude they carry into the organisation, and we strive to make it flawless