An effective executive search practice demands an excellent understanding of the market, multiple industries and the role that the executive will be required to step into.  With our Executive search solutions, we bring vertical specific experts with at least a decade of deep, functional expertise in their area of expertise.

With rich practice expertise and strong local industry contacts built over the last 26 years, we have delivered on several domestic and international executive search requests by understand the client partner's specific culture and business needs. We do not take the 'headhunter' approach since we believe in building and nurturing long term partnerships with our clients and candidates.

As a veteran player in the recruitment industry with operations since 1996, Sonyo Management Consultants Private Limited (SMC) offers full lifecycle permanent staffing services to businesses.

With our Managed Payroll Solutions, businesses can offload smaller parts of their HR processes to specialized teams to ensure compliant practices at reduced costs.


A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.

If you have been selected for a business audit, here is what you need to know.

Restructuring your company could restore its viability and improve its liquidity position.