Contract staffing solutions are an excellent option for businesses that need access to qualified personnel to quickly respond to business needs and market requirmements.

Sub-contracting allows companies to hire experienced professionals on a signed contract basis, meaning the employee is not considered an employee of the firm but only works for them on a project-by-project basis.

The team at SMC understands has demonstrated it's capability to take up responsibility not just for recruitment but for managing payroll associated aspects such as employee benefits, statutory HR compliance and various other employee services 

Since the talent continues to be employed on SMC’s payrolls, we take the hassle of managing any statutory obligations of the employees deputed for a particular project.

As part of our Contract Staffing Service we manage end-to-end workforce design and which includes recruiting, assessment, development, workforce planning and retention of employee.

Contract Staffing Advantage

Sub-Contracting enables businesses to continue operations with a larger percentage of strategic talent on payroll.

Ability to augment the team with specialized talent on demand helps addresses short term challenges in a cost-sensitive way

Short-term hiring of specialized talent serves immediate business needs without increasing long term risks and expenses.