As the recruitment market gets competitive, recruitment events are gaining increasing importance as an effective recruitment technique. Not only does it attract a larger set of talent in a concentrated spurt, but it helps with better employer branding as the event is witnessed by more than just the current set of potential candidates.

The rise of competition demands businesses to find creative ways to attract top talent.  Through Managed Recruitment Events, we can bring a larger population of your desired audience including candidates, businesses, independent practitioners, consultants & more in one event. Moreover, organizing or participating in events like these positively affect overall employer branding, making it easier to attract talent not just for one requirment but also for future requirements.

As a veteran player in the recruitment industry with operations since 1996, Sonyo Management Consultants Private Limited (SMC) offers full lifecycle permanent staffing services to businesses.

Based on the goals of the event, our team puts together the ideal invitation list as well as the right technology procesesses to capture participant details and reach out to them to build a talent pipeline.

With our Managed Events solutions, businesses can quickly reach a significantly wider spread of their Ideal Candidate Persona leading to a significantly lower cost per hire as compared to the other models of engagement.


Focussed invitation approach that bring in the appropriate Influencers and Candidate Persona

Using technology to capture, arrange and engage candidates can help drive better results.

Using event participations to build a long term database of potentials for hiring needs.