Hiring permanent employees and onboarding them is a serious commitment and businesses often need expert assistance in this domain. With our Permanent Staffing solutions, we provide businesses with end-to-end assistance to find and recruit full-time employees that have a strong role & culture match.

As a veteran player in the recruitment industry with operations since 1996, Sonyo Management Consultants Private Limited (SMC) offers full lifecycle permanent staffing services to businesses.

Our team of 200+ recruitment specialists understand the challenges of hiring permanent staff and can assist businesses in navigating the entire process, from searching for potential candidates to onboarding them successfully into the workforce.

Over the last 25 years. we've perfected our internal processes and embraced the latest recruiting technologies that enable us to identify and hire relevant candidates faster.

With Permanent Staffing solutions, businesses can save time and money on the search for full-time employees. Our recruitment experts are here to help you find the right fit for your organization and make sure every stage of the hiring process is a success.

Our Capabilities

Since each industry throws up different challenges, we've committed to a vertical focus approach to deliver better.

Having witnesses multiple instances of hiring cycles, we offer end-to-end assistance along the entire lifecycle of hiring.

We leverage our industry experience and Talent data repositories to deliver candidates within weeks instead of months.